Kyle Smith with a grab in the Big Air Competition.

V. I. Riders stomp the podium

A sea of green hoodies on the podium

Vancouver Island Riders’ athletes have been stomping the podium in Mt. Washington’s recent Boarder Cross and Big Air competitions.

Doug Liseth dominated the boarder cross in the 14 to 17 age category with teammates Ryan Wallace-Tarry and Zach Allen following behind in second and third finishes.  Joseph Begvisnon finished second in the 13 and under category while the VI girls claimed the podium in the 12 to 17 category with Lauren MacColl, Isabella Beharrell and Aiva Noringseth taking finishing first, second and third respectively.

The Big Air competition saw a sea of green hoodies once again (VI’s signature hoodie sponsored by Alternative Groove in Nanaimo), on the podium. VI athletes dominated in the freestyle component of jumps and big air with Kyle Smith, Matt Shaw and Ryan Wallace-Tarry finishifirst and second in the competitive 14 to 17 age category.  Joseph Bergvinson took his place on the podium again for a 1st place finish in the 13 and under category .

“We are super impressed with the level of riding and skills that the athletes are demonstrating this year.  They are focused, training hard and making incredible progress this year. It has been great to see the club gel together and with the support of coaches, parents and athletes (and some fabulous snow) we are having a banner year!”  For more information about VI Riders you can check out the website at or contact Kelsa Donald at 250-923-0523.