Ukrainian pulls out bag of tricks

Fans at Saratoga Speedway were treated to a crazy stunt at the track

Have you ever seen a crazy Ukrainian guy purposely flip over a car? Well fans at Saratoga Speedway on Saturday were treated to this as Alex Benyuk flipped over his old Hornet car twice.

It was Benyuk’s second stunt of the year as he drove his black F150 through two motor homes two weeks ago.

Ten beautiful Big Rigs were also on display on Saturday. The Hornet cars, Roadrunners, Crash to Pass cars and the Figure 8’s were also on the racing card on Saturday night.

Next weekend marks the second appearance of the Wilroc Sprint cars at Saratoga.

These cars are fastest cars you will watch on Vancouver Island, averaging 13-15 seconds a lap. Accompanying the Sprint cars will be the Island Mini Stocks, which is their first appearance of the year, Dwarf cars, Bomber cars and the Motorcycles.