Tyees nab silver

The Bantam B Blue Thunder Contracting Ltd. Tyees put in a solid effort in a recent tournament

The Bantam B Blue Thunder Contracting Ltd. Tyees were over in Richmond just after the Christmas Break.

With four games scheduled ahead of the team, knowing they needed to win, the boys played with technique and skill. Keeping the opponents out of their zone, keeping the scoring close but managing to win.

They had a few chippy games with penalties coming from both ends. But the players managed to keep on top of things and kept scoring. The Tyees used their snappers to score from the blue line, and they were looking like they might be that undefeated team in the tournament.

However, they lost their Dec. 29 game 6-3, but having great team spirit, the Tyees knew they could win the next game, giving them the chance to play for gold.

The game for gold would prove to be a tough game playing against a strong tier 2 team, the Bantam B Tyees, battled but lost the game 8-1.