Saturday night featured the Canadian American Demolition Derby.

Total destruction at Saratoga Speedway

The Canadian and American teams duelled it out for country dominance over a two-day show at Saratoga Speedway

The Canadian and American teams duelled it out for country dominance over a two-day show at Saratoga Speedway.

Eight Americans and eight Canadians battled over the two days, with the winning honours going to Canada which won by a 682-638 point difference to re-take the title of Derby champions away from the Americans who won the title last year. A full field of 16 Crash to Pass cars, 24 Hornet cars and seven Figure 8s also battled it out.

Day one saw a night full of hard hits and great racing. Ted Dimitrov (#59) dominated once again in the Roadrunner division, setting fast time in qualifying, winning the dash, heat and main to take over the points lead from Nick Leavitt (#66). Glenn Pinto (#02) was racing Figure 8s for the first time this year and he didn’t disappoint, winning the 15-lap main event.

Travis Stevenson (#72) had a good night as well, in the Crash to Pass division, winning the heat and leading every lap of the 20-lap main event.

The Canadian-American challenge was made up of three events on day one – a dash, tire changing event and a 20 minute timed race. Gregg Sagmoen (#89) from team Canada won the dash. Sagmoen also found himself in the winning circle for the tire changing competition, setting a time of 0:01:09 compared to team America’s time of 0:01:25. The 20 minute timed event was won by what team tallied the most laps by the end of the race. At the end of the 20 minute race, team Canada came out on top tallying 112 laps compared to team America’s 103 laps. At the end of day one, Canada had 242 points, compared to team America’s 193 points.

Day two saw some amazing Canadian-American Demolition Derby racing.

Eight Canadian cars and five American cars took to the track. American Dacota Hansen (#69) and Canadian Vince Bird (#23) were the final two cars, with Hansen coming out on top destroying Bird’s car.

Seventeen cars entered racing on Sunday in the Hornet car division. Daryn and Daryn Cahill battled hard in the 35 lap feature race. Daryl held the lead for the first 17 laps but got caught up behind a lap car, giving Daryn a chance to take the lead and he never looked back from there. In the B division, Brianne Fenn and MacLaren Inglis (#64) also battled bumper to bumper but Fenn would hold off Inglis to take the B main win.

In the figure 8 class, Chase Stevenson (#77) took the win in the 20 lap feature. Ted Dimitrov once again dominated the Roadrunner class, setting fast time, winning the heat and the main event to further his lead over Leavitt.

Seventeen Crash to Pass cars took to the track on Sunday night. Troy Tarbuck (#88) continued his dominance into the 20-lap feature, holding off Stevenson to take his second main event win of the year.

Extra laps..Next weekend marks the Double Point’s championship night featuring the I.M.C.A Modifieds, Hornet cars, Roadrunners, Bomber cars, Figure 8s and Crash to Pass. There will also be a huge firework show to finish off the 2012 season, capping off yet another amazing season at Saratoga.