Time will tell…

It’s probably normal, no matter how much you prepare for something big, there is a bit of self doubt and second guessing.

Until we actually jump into it we can never be 100 per cent sure of what we really got ourselves into.

The more relaxed we are, the better chance we have for success in most situations, but ironically, with the second guessing comes nerves, restless sleeps and less focus, all things that will make it harder to succeed.

As I write this in a moment of clarity it seems easy – just stop second guessing my efforts and relax, but clearly my brain doesn’t work that way. I’m nervous.

We are less than a week from the start of the BC Bike Race.

I’ve been training and preparing for this event since last fall and I tried to do all the right things during training.

Proper amounts of riding, healthy diet, cut back on beer…I even took scheduled rest days, but once you add in the responsibilities of family, work and general life, it seems like there was never enough time to train properly; hence the second guessing.

In just a few short days, it’s go time, the race starts this coming Thursday.

There is nothing I can do now but rest a bit, drink a truck load of water and eat lots of energy food.

As much as it’s up to me to figure out how to finish this adventure, it kind of feels like it’s out of my hands at this point.

Either I prepared well and will have the time of my life, or I’ve been fooling myself the last eight months and will suffer like never before throughout the entire seven days of racing.

The one thing that keeps popping into my head is how scared I’ve been in the past when something big was on the horizon.

Getting engaged, starting a business, having kids.

They all scared me to death, but worked out better than I ever imagined.

This is just a bike race that I am most likely taking too seriously, but the fact that it scares me must mean it’s something worth doing and will most likely turn out great…or maybe not? I guess time will tell…


I’m James Durand and I’m Goin’ Ridin’…wish me luck!