The Nyrstar Midget Ravens win

It was an exciting two game weekend, for the Nyrstar Midget Ravens.

Saturday’s away game against Cowichan was an aggressive game that ended up with a one player game suspension, 45 penalty minutes, 27 minutes going to The Cowichan Thunder and 18 minutes to the Campbell River Ravens. At one point in the game, Taylor Lysne and Erin Persaud of the Ravens physically pulled players off their teammate during a high sticking scuffle.

The Nyrstar Ravens also faced a short bench that resulted in quick line changes, this didn’t shortchange the exciting display of LAX skills, where Matt Borg showed off his acrobatic abilities by facing a Cowichan Goliath in the middle of the floor, where he leaped up and absorbed a cross check, did a 180 mid air and landed on his feet.

In the third period, Kenny Sweet stole the ball from Cowichan and tore down the floor on a breakaway and scored the Ravens’ only goal this game. The game ended with a 9-1 loss for the Ravens.

Game two against the Nanaimo Timbermen was an exciting home game with nothing but goals for the Ravens.

At the end of period one, the Ravens were down two goals and the team was looking a little gassed.

In the second, the Ravens came alive and to start it all off Kaden Jarratt fires a pass to Taylor Lysne, who then dumped one into the net and scored. Within minutes Kenny Sweet wass fed a rocket of a pass from Taylor Lysne and managed to sneak one past the Nanaimo goalie and scored.

Selkirk Thompson found himself deep in the Ravens zone with a broken stick while winding down the clock on a three-man penalty kill, somehow Selkirk found an opportunity to run to the bench giving momentum to Kenny Sweet as he exploded off the Ravens’ bench catching Nanaimo off guard. He stole the ball from an unsuspecting Timbermen, changed direction and ran the ball all the way down the floor into Nanaimo’s zone, cranked a cannon at the Timbermen’s goalie and scored his second goal this period.

With a minute left in the second Taylor Lysne was at it again and sent Wyatt Surgenor a beauty of a pass, Wyatt took the ball down the floor and scored another shorthanded goal for the Ravens.

The third period was almost an even fought battle between the two teams; however, the Ravens were not done quite yet. With less than 30 seconds left in the game, Cole Arsenault carried the ball down the floor on a breakaway but got surrounded by Nanaimo. He managed to dish the ball to Jas Thiara who dodged the Nanaimo defense and ripped the ball into the Timbermen’s net and scores with three seconds left in the third. Nyrstar Midget Ravens took a 5-3 win over the Nanaimo Timbermen.