The bike-less biker

Back in May I sold my mountain bike.

I loved that bike more than any I’ve owned before it and wasn’t really ready to sell it yet. At this point you might be asking, “Then why did you sell it, stupid?”

Well, on several occasions, when a customer showed interest in one of Chenoa’s bikes, I sold it. So in May, when a customer offered to buy my bike, I don’t think I had a choice if I wanted to avoid sleeping on the couch.

The bike I wanted next was not available and therefore, I have been bike-less since May. I know, that sounds ridiculous since I have so many bikes at the shop to choose from. Rental bikes, demo bikes, and Chenoa’s bike is the same size as mine, and I rode all of those this summer. It was fun and a great experience to try so many options in a short period, but it’s not the same as riding your personal bike with the perfect fit and set up.

I had a different bike almost every group ride, and on my big Whistler trip I borrowed Chenoa’s bike. I often found myself wishing for a different tire, a longer stem, or a slightly stiffer suspension set up,

It started to affect how much I rode. Knowing I didn’t have my bike, had me less motivated.

Then, last Friday, I noticed my dream bike was in stock. The 2020 model had come in early and I didn’t hesitate. I had my sales rep on the phone in seconds and the bike was shipped.

It won’t get here for a few more days, but I am so excited I can barely contain myself. I’ve read up on the suspension and I have the settings all lined up, I have sorted out a few upgrades and have them on the bench ready for the build, and I’ve even figured out some custom colours for grips, pedals, and decals. It feels like Christmas Eve.

Pathetic isn’t it? But hey, just because I’m in my 50’s, doesn’t mean I actually grew up.

I’m James Durand and I’m Goin’ Ridin’…