Next time someone suggests a new couch, you can probably guess what James Durand will say. Photo submitted

SPIN MY RIDE: Bike shopping beats couch shopping, says Swicked Cycles owner

‘If we don’t buy a couch, we can both get bikes,’ says Campbell River couple

By James Durand

I have had some nasty battles over furniture shopping in my day.

As a couple, it’s tough to find a couch and agree on every little aspect. Shape, colour, fluffy cushions or firm, does it need extra pillows, or is it a sofa bed? Too many options in my mind, and when you throw in the need for two opinions for a final decision, it’s an impossible task.

I guess it’s part of life, but I would rather avoid it if possible.

Earlier this week I had a couple in browsing around Swicked. They had moved to town recently and I overheard them talking about furniture shopping. It seemed they were taking a little break to just hang out in the bike shop.

As they were browsing, we were chatting about riding, and before I knew it they were test riding bikes and trying on helmets. Within 30 minutes I heard a comment that resonated with me so clearly that I was surprised I have never thought of it myself.

“If we don’t buy a couch, we can both get bikes.”

It was brilliant, and they actually followed through on it. We set them up with a couple of sweet Norco bikes and off they went to enjoy some riding… as opposed to couch surfing.

Currently, I don’t need any furniture, but I can’t wait until the next time someone in my house suggests a new couch. You can probably guess what my response will be.

I’m James Durand and I’m Goin’ Ridin’ …