So Many Decisions…

Yeah I know, big deal, I have to make lots of decisions…who doesn’t, really?

I realize its just part of being a grown up, but I’m not talking about the easy decisions like child care, mortgage rates or where to place your federal vote. I’m more worried about the big stuff like what helmet looks better with my race jersey, which gloves are going to be most comfortable on long rides and the really tough one, which bike to ride.

Running a bike shop is not the most lucrative career out there, but the bonus is, we get really sweet bikes! So as I get closer to the seven-day BC Bike Race this July, I have to choose which bike to race.

On one hand, I have a Specialized Camber. Its a super light-weight carbon fibre 29er race bike. Its built for speed and efficiency and will definitely be the best choice when it comes to fast climbing and cross country trails. On the other hand, I have a Rocky Mountain Altitude. It’s also carbon fibre and really light, but has lots of suspension travel and is designed more for technical riding than pure climbing.

So, do I choose the fast bike to overcome some of my weaknesses and hopefully finish with a better result, or do I choose the bike that works with my strengths and provides so much fun on the DH and technical trails that I won’t care about my result, even if I finish last?

Wow this grown up thing is tough, its just not fair for one man to decide on something so important. I might have to organize a committee for this one.


I’m James Durand and I’m Goin’ Ridin’