Smelling the roses

I often catch flack from Chenoa, because I don’t slow down and take in the surroundings when I ride.

She argues that we live in an amazing place and I concentrate too much on the ride, the terrain, and the speed, to really enjoy the natural beauty all around us.

Generally, after these conversations (lectures), I plan to take the pace down on my next few rides and look around a little, maybe even stop for a snack at the lake. I can make it more about the adventure than the ride itself, and pay more attention to the trees than the trail.

Then the next ride starts and I’m either chasing someone, or trying not to be caught by someone else, sometimes both at the same time. I realize at the end when I’m smiling like an idiot because the ride was so much fun, that I forgot to look around. Oh well, maybe next time.

Last week Rhyley and I were riding to school. Regan and I were a few feet in front of her when I heard a huge “CLLLAAAANG”. It was so loud that it stunned me for a second and I couldn’t imagine what would make such a racket.

I looked back to see what had caused the noise, and saw Rhyley splayed out on the ground with a shocked look on her face, rubbing her cheek bone. She had ridden straight into the aluminum light post.

I picked her up, made sure there was no real damage, and asked what happened. She said “I was looking back at the pretty tree.” I looked up to notice, for the first time, a pretty tree.

Rhyley looks more like me, but she is so much more like her Mom. I was thinking how proud Chenoa would be of Rhyley for noticing the surroundings and enjoying the beauty of Campbell River, but I think I need to teach her to look where she is going before we get too caught up with the pretty trees.

BTW: She bounced up like a champ and we continued onto school, laughing about the crash. She is definitely a mountain biker.

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