The only retiring Swicked Cycles owner James Durand expects he'll do is retiring customers' bikes. Photo submitted

Shop dog or no shop dog?

By James Durand

Not the deepest question I’ve ever contemplated, but now that I have a dog, and totally love the little dude, I don’t want to leave him at home all day.

I’ve been hashing this out for a few weeks now as the dog search was underway. I asked friends who have dogs and those who don’t. I asked other shop owners their opinions and how their customers react to shop dogs.

I received so many different responses that I was more confused after I heard back than I was before. Clearly my friends aren’t that helpful … or maybe too helpful.

Originally we were looking for a retriever as they are pretty mellow and still love to exercise, but in the end we got a Lab mix. Mixed with what? No clue. He came from a home in the Baja, and we don’t have his full history.

So we weren’t really sure how he would be with people, crowds, bikes, etc… and we’d have to play it by ear.

He came home last week and as you can imagine, he has some settling in to do, but he adapted to our house instantly.

After a few walks around the block and getting in a nasty fight with himself in the hallway mirror, he settled in and claimed a chilling spot as his own. We moved the mirror.

Turns out he loves to relax and hang out near his peeps. He seems to like running, and I’m sure once he settles in, and realizes that mountain bikes are not threatening animals, he’ll love a good long trail ride too.

So the decision has been made and Andres, or maybe Hombre, we haven’t finalized his name yet, has won the job as the official “Swicked Dog.”

He should be at the shop in a few more days, so feel free to drop in and meet the newest team member when you have a minute.

I’m James Durand and I’m Goin Ridin’…