Seeing the light when it comes to winter riding

Riding can be so much fun, but there are some dangers on the road when it comes to cars and trucks

I try to be pretty diligent when it comes to riding safely…on the road anyway. I am very aware of traffic, do my best to own my space and ride as predictably as possible, I also try to be as visible as I can.

Riding can be so much fun, but there are some dangers on the road when it comes to cars and trucks, so it is paramount to make yourself visible to any and all traffic and reduce the chance of accidents.

Earlier this week I headed out for a road ride mid day.

I didn’t even think about lights because it was nice and sunny and I wear bright coloured jerseys.

Then in the middle of the ride the clouds rolled in and the rain started.

I threw on my jacket and kept riding.

I didn’t realize how invisible I was until a motor home missed me by inches as I rode down the shoulder of the Inland Island Highway.

Black jacket, grey shorts and a white helmet on a rainy day make for pretty good camouflage.

So today when a bunch of new super bright lights arrived at Swicked I set up my bike with front and rear lights. They have a night setting and a day time setting that is so bright you can’t look straight at it without seeing spots for the next fifteen minutes.

So now no matter what time of day or what the weather is doing, I will be as visible as possible making the ride safer for me and drivers.

Keep in mind that is hard to see in lots of different conditions and being visible can make the difference between a great road ride and a tragic accident.

It’s that time of year again where the days are grey and short and lights are needed all hours of the day, so grab your lights, test them out and get them on your bike before its too late.

I’m James Durand and I’m Goin’ Ridin’