Nolan James raises the VIPW heavyweight championship belt Saturday after he defeated five opponents in a tables, ladders and chairs main event at Nanaimo’s Departure Bay Activity Centre. (GREG SAKAKI/Black Press)

Sayward pro wrestler wins Island heavyweight championship

Nolan James wins tables, ladders and chairs match at VIPW event in Nanaimo on Jan. 20

The first-ever Vancouver Island Pro Wrestling heavyweight champion had to survive not only five other opponents, but also tables, ladders and chairs.

Nolan James of Sayward won the VIPW heavyweight title on Saturday night at Nanaimo’s Departure Bay Activity Centre, winning a six-man TLC main event against locals B.J. Laredo, Scott Steel and Jordie Taylor as well as Cremator Von Slasher and Eddie Osbourne.

The rules of the tables, ladders and chairs match meant that using those items was not only permitted, but encouraged.

In the final moments, Cremator looked to have the match won, but El Haviko came out of the locker room to interfere and help James.

The new champ was asked how he was able to come through and win such a physical battle.

“Determination, I guess,” said James. “It’s been a long time for me. I’ve been working for VIPW for the whole time they’ve been around and with everything I’ve gone through, to be their first-ever VIPW heavyweight champion is amazing. I don’t know what to say. I’m shocked right now.”

Some of the highlights of the match included Laredo throwing Taylor over the announce table, off the stage and onto another table; Steel hitting his 450 splash off the top rope into the crowd to attack Laredo; Taylor yanking Osbourne off a ladder and through another ladder; and Laredo hitting his package piledriver on Steel off a suspended ladder and through a table.

Fans in Nanaimo booed James’s tainted victory, but the new champ was unapologetic.

“I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do to win…” he said. “I’ve been cheated for years. Finally I’ve figured out the winning strategy.”

The VIPW championship belt had been decommissioned the previous night in Langford and replaced with the brand-new VIPW heavyweight championship for the Nanaimo show.

James said nothing was going to stop him from winning the title, and it will be tough for anyone to take it away from him.

“We’re just going to have to wait and see. I can’t wait for the challenge,” he said.

In other action Saturday, the King of the Yukon beat Eli Surge by disqualification after Judas Icarus interfered, Liiza Hall and Riea Von Slasher defeated Scarlett Black and El Haviko, Icarus beat T-Shock, and Lak Siddartha beat Matt Xstatic.

VIPW will return to Nanaimo’s Departure Bay Activity Centre on March 24.