Fernando Pereira/Special to the Mirror Trucks and cars of all makes and sizes took part in a drag racing competition at Saratoga Speedway on Saturday night.

Saratoga Speedway’s last weekend

Next weekend is one not to be missed, capped off by a season-ending firework extravaganza

Race fans were treated to a great showing of drifting and drag racing last Saturday at Saratoga Speedway. Six drifters and 12 drag racers put on a great show under a beautiful clear September night.

The final round of drifting saw some new faces.

After some early eliminations, Torry Slater and Dustin Taylor found themselves in the finals. Slater and Taylor drifted bumper to bumper in the finals, but Slater in his ’89 Nissan 240sx from Victoria prevailed to take home his first ever drifting event win.

Andrew Otteson and Reece Lucas battled it out for third and fourth place, with Otteson managing to beat out Lucas.

In the final round of drag racing, cars ranging from small Honda Civics, pro drag bikes and old Chevy trucks entertained.

All vehicles went through a heads up

format, eliminating cars early from contention.

Gord Fraser in his 1969 Ford pickup and Bruce Moran on his Suzuki bike fought for the win, with the win going to Moran, his first drag event win of the year.


Extra laps…


Next weekend, champions will be crowned at Saratoga, though two championships are already all wrapped up going into the weekend.

Sheldon Hopp holds an commanding 470 point lead over second place Cam Edward, making it mathematically impossible for Edward to catch Hopp in the Crash to Pass.

Chris Beaulieu has the I.M.C.A Modified division wrapped up, holding a 351 point lead over second place Travis Stevenson.

The Bomber car class is still up for grabs going into next weekend, but Darren Larson holds a strong 256 point lead over his brother Darrel Larson.

The other three championships are still up for the taking going into the weekend. In the roadrunner division, Nick Leavitt is looking to claim his first ever championship at Saratoga, holding a 95 point lead over Ryan Guest. The Hornet A championship will come down to two young talented drivers – Nigel Neufeld and Raymond Fortier who are separated by only 17 points. In the Hornet B’s, four drivers are still in the running for the championship – Boston Larson, Luke Dixon, Rowland Westra and Ashley White – with only 161 points separating all four; Larson holds the lead going into the weekend.

With all these championships being so close, next weekend is one not to be missed. Racing action will be capped off by a season-ending firework extravaganza.