Road trippin’

There’s nothing like it. Getting away from the job, the family, and day-to-day life to go ride your bike on new terrain, is an amazing experience.

I laugh at myself sometimes when I realize I rode more in Cumberland, Hornby Island, and the southern Island trails when I lived in Vancouver, than I do now.

When I was a racer, I loved racing, but the adventure of traveling to a new trail network every weekend was the real fun. New trails, new scenery, and life long memories.

Life can get busy these days and it’s hard to organize and schedule road trips as easily as when I was younger and free of most responsibilities.

So what is the secret to making it all work? Turn my work into my play.

Chenoa and I are organizing two road trips this year. One will be a long weekend spent in Olympia Washington “racing” the Capitol Forest 50 miler, and the other will be a nice casual Gran Fondo in the Fraser Valley.

I am pretty excited to get out of town with a bunch of like minded people and ride bikes, tell stories, and sample a few craft beer. No stress, no kids, and no work … Just fun and lots of it.

Imagine going for a nice long mountain bike ride and never once wondering if you’ll be late getting home. Imagine not worrying about work, because you left it at home and now you’re in the mountains.

And now imagine not having to plan anything, because someone else did the hard part already, you just show up and ride.

Sound like fun?

Whether you’re into road riding, or mountain biking, whether you love going fast, or prefer to relax and enjoy the view, you’ll have a great road trip, and a great experience.

We’ll have more details in the next few weeks, but if you’re interested just drop in for a chat.

I’m James Durand and I’m Goin’ Ridin’…