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Riptide surge back

Riptide soccer team bounces back

After two weeks on the road, the Riptide U14 girls played at home Saturday against the Lower Island Gorge/Lakehill Thunder.

Coming off two losses against lower Island teams, Riptide was determined to turn the tides. Building on home team advantage and their confidence in playing on a grass pitch, Riptide got down to business immediately, scoring the first goal of the game and setting the stage for what would follow.

Within five minutes, Kayla Kalhous set up a perfect play for forward Frédérica Blouin-Comeau, who used her speed down the left-wing to score her signature left-footed, tight-angle goal.

That was the start of a Riptide surge. The team dominated, scoring two more goals in the next fifteen minutes (Ciara Halvorson and Aisha Hunter-Bellavia). Riptide’s Abby Sexton wrapped up the first half with a celebratory goal on a breakaway.

With a solid lead of 4-1 at half, Riptide controlled the play in the second half. Autumn Lewis made Gorge fans cringe as she set up the next two goals for Riptide (Halvorson and Sexton both scored their second goals of the game). Lauren Wigard scored for Riptide in the last moments of the game,  en route to a 7-1 win.