The action gets intense when the Rink Minx take on opponents in roller derby action. Six members of the Comox Valley team are from Campbell River including Kim Emsley-Leik (below

Rink Minx are looking for fresh roller derby meat

You can be from any walk of life, any size or shape and any age from 18 and up

You’ve probably seen them around, skating on the seawalk, or around town.

Except instead of inlines, they are using old-school quad rollerskates. These are the Rink Minx Rollergirls, and this time around, they are looking for you.

It’s recruitment time again and The Rink Minx of the Comox Valley are looking to expand their numbers with a little “fresh meat.” Most of the ladies on the team come from Courtenay and the outlying areas. But there are six girls from Campbell River and they are hoping to grab the attention of a few more.

You can be from any walk of life, any size or shape and any age from 18 and up.

“I wasn’t sure at first if I would be able to compete in this sport at only 5’ tall and 36 years old but I have found that my height actually gives me an advantage and my age is not a barrier,” says Lisa Jackson, known in the derby world as Whiskey Jack. “Additionally, skill level should not be a deterrent.”

Chantelle McPherson ‘Chantos Sanchez’ agrees. “It really has a lot more to do with fitness level and determination than age and skill level.  A good attitude and the recognition that you’re probably going to fall a few times will be some of the best things you can bring.”

Derby teams are run for the skaters by the skaters. D.I.Y. means not only a time commitment for practice but also bouts, committee meetings, fundraisers, community service, and more.

Practices are at least twice a week in both Courtenay and Campbell River, and there is an expectation that you will help out in some other way as well.  A willingness and ability to commit is crucial to membership with the team. Roller derby is not a hobby; it’s a way of life.

“I love the fact that I can play a very physical, aggressive, fast paced sport and still have such a family atmosphere, and feel totally supported,” says Lindsey ‘Lita Riot’ Ryzak. “It’s pretty intense and definitely addicting.”

Tryouts are Sept. 30 2 p.m. at the Lewis Centre in Courtenay.