Pressure, pressure, pressure!

I realized how badly I needed to get out and enjoy some fresh air

Pressure to train harder. Pressure to work harder. Pressure to raise great kids, marital pressures, family pressures, renos, yard work, investments, staff, stress stress stress…….KABOOM!!!

Okay, that was a little dramatic…Let’s back up a bit since nothing has actually gone kaboom. But I’ve spoken with a lot of people recently and it’s a common position we’re all in. We are way too busy these days (Those of you who are retired empty nesters can move onto the Wine Wise article at this point because that advice may be more suitable). Back to the rest of us…

Yeah we’re too busy, but it doesn’t seem to be getting any easier, so why hasn’t anything gone kaboom yet? Well in my best unprofessional, and very uneducated psychologist opinion, it’s not due to talking it out, it’s not due to enjoying your favourite craft brew on a regular basis, and taking your frustrations out by weed whacking your overgrown back yard doesn’t do the trick either. What keeps us sane is burning off some stress with good old fashioned exercise.

Last Monday, I actually said out loud that I didn’t want to ride. I had chores to do, I had work backing up and it felt stressful to push it off even further for a bike ride. But it was a group ride that relies on me, so I couldn’t skip out. I reluctantly got ready, jumped on my bike and headed up the hill towards the meeting spot.

As soon as I left the shop and spun the pedals a revolution or two, I realized how badly I needed to get out and enjoy some fresh air, expand the lungs and think about carving corners and hopping roots, as opposed to dwelling on day to day life.

Within a couple minutes, my shoulders relaxed, my stress started to disappear and I soon began to concentrate on riding. A few hours later, the stress was gone, my body and mind felt great and I was as relaxed as ever.

As Chenoa and I raced toward home, we were both smiling and looking forward to a well-earned beverage on the patio. No Pressure. No stress. No Kaboom. Just the afterglow of a great mid summer mountain bike ride.

Seems simple doesn’t it?

I might try to squeeze in another ride tomorrow, it just makes life easier!

I’m James Durand and I’m Goin’ Ridin’…