Pedal Your World owner Ken Clausen. Photo by Marc Kitteringham, Campbell River Mirror

Pedal Your World owner Ken Clausen. Photo by Marc Kitteringham, Campbell River Mirror

Practically fun: the Pakyak

Every year, us bike nerds get really excited to see what’s coming down the pipeline from bike manufacturers and other cycling brands.

Visit a bike shop in the fall and you’ll probably catch an employee ogling the new catalogues, coveting the cool new gear.

Admittedly, what often catches our attention is the fastest race bike, the newest suspension, or the most progressive models that push the boundaries of performance. To be fair, these bikes will always grab our attention, and the demand of avid cyclists. This year, however, one of the most eye-catching new bikes at our shop has none of those qualities, yet it’s something totally different from what most big bike brands are making. From Momentum Bikes (part of Giant Bikes), the Pakyak is a cargo electric bike that combines utility and fun. Take it from one who’s ridden this thing extensively, it is a blast to ride!

The Pakyak would be right at home in the Netherlands, where e-bikes are already more popular than mechanical bikes and where cycling is used as a primary mode of transportation. Like its name implies, the Pakyak can carry anything and everything, up to 361 lbs! Whether you want to do school drop-off with multiple kids, go grocery shopping, or head across town to the pub (with a friend on the back no less!), the Pakyak can do it all.

Although this cargo e-bike appears simple, it has leading edge technology including a super powerful motor and a 500 Wh battery that can easily get you around 100 km of riding. It’s got plenty of storage space for all your stuff and space for kids. It even has a dropper post so that you can adjust the seat height with the flick of your thumb. Fenders, sturdy kickstand, integrated lights, control screen, powerful disc brakes, and internal hub shifting are all part of the Pakyak package.

Obviously, the Pakyak is not for everyone. Not everyone needs or wants a cargo e-bike. But for those that do, the Pakyak represents a further commitment to the idea of cycling as transportation. It’s a fun, active, and practical way of getting yourself around while not sacrificing much in the way of storage and ability. For some, the Pakyak might even be the tipping point in choosing to buy a bike instead of a car. It’s the utilitarian’s dream bike.

To us, the Pakyak is radically different from anything else that the big manufacturers have done previously, and we think that’s great. It gives you, the cyclist, better options when it comes to cycling and that is a good thing. At the very least, you need to have a good look at the Pakyak!

– Provided by Pedal Your World

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