Podium of Life skiers get results

Students have been dry land training for the last few weeks

Podium of Life Ski Academy is still in session, and ski competitors are still travelling to races to test themselves.

Although there has not been any snow to train on, Podium of Life students have been dry land training for the last few weeks. Using the natural environment of Strathcona Park, students experienced fun with fitness through hikes, adventure games, and hard work. The Vancouver Island Mountain Centre offered another venue for training. Students used the training facilities to focus on certain exercises to compliment their skiing.

It looks like the dry land training paid off for some ski racers. The Mount Washington ski racers have just returned from Apex mountain and the Podium students had some great results.

Maja Nymann, of Campbell River, won two silvers medals in the U16 category, and her sister, Sylvi, in the U 14 category, raced to 12th and 13th.  Kieran Harley, Victoria, earned a 18th and 20th position in the U14 group, while his brother, Hayden got 11th and 14th. In the U16 age class Liam Gilchrist, of Victoria, won 4th and 7th, and Kole Harle raced to a silver medal.