Perfect 300 game rolled at Campbell River Bowling Centre

Wayne Bezaire bowled a perfect game in the Friday Night Mixed League on Friday Jan. 4.

The 300 game was sandwiched between games of 236 and 186 for a 722 series total.

There have been only four perfect games bowled in Campbell River prior to Bezaire’s feat on Friday. Allan Bradshaw and Shane Konkle both rolled 300 games during the 2015/16 season, Bezaire rolled his first 300 during the 2016/17 season and Laurence Renaud rolled a 300 in 1996.

50+ Seniors, Jan. 3/19

Thurs. a.m. 10 Pin

ATF Strikers lead the third quarter with 48 points and the year with 198.5 points. The “Eh” Team bowled a high handicap series of 2574 gaining 18 points for the week.

Gordon Gustafson bowled a 214 scratch game (265 handicap) and a high handicap series of 693. Hogie McCrae bowled a 604 scratch series.

Lisa Gribble bowled a 209 scratch game and a 546 scratch series – high handicap series of 684.