One ride is better than none

By James Durand

In a country where we’re so fortunate, lucky, even spoiled, I often wonder how many of us forget to appreciate it.

It may be human nature to focus on the negatives but those of us that are truly happy see more positives on a day-to-day basis.

I have been trying to teach my kids that, rather than seeing what you don’t have, enjoy what we do have, no matter how small that may be. It’s a life lesson that I can’t stress enough, and have to remind myself of regularly.

Obviously, this has been even tougher lately with pandemics, racism, and the insanity the world has thrust upon us but I feel it is more important now than ever.

I could easily make a long list of “problems” in my life right now. I’m too busy. I’m understaffed at Swicked. My kids are taking out their cabin fever on Chenoa and me. I’m super stressed about the new Swicked building in Willow Point. I’m hardly riding at all these days …

BUT, I can also make a long list of positives. I’m really busy right now because years of hard work are paying off. I’m understaffed, but Swicked has such an awesome team we’re still managing to keep up. I get to hang with my kids more lately. We’re going to have an amazing new location and building for Swicked sometime in 2021.

It’s the same list. The first one makes me want to curl up in the fetal position. The second one puts a look of such satisfaction on my face that you’d think I was standing atop the podium at a world cup downhill race.

As soon as things are looking positive, everything gets easier, I sleep better, and somehow I find a few extra hours to ride my bike. (I can even manage a pre-teen, red-headed daughter a little better)

So next time you miss a mountain bike ride, put it out of your head and concentrate on the ride you did enjoy. If you’re too busy at work, don’t forget to be thankful you have a job. If you see a bunch of unsightly weeds, turn around 180 degrees and enjoy the ocean view. There are far too many real problems in the world to waste time on the little things.

Happy Canada Day, I hope you get out for a great ride.

Campbell RiverCycling