Nyrstar Midget Ravens win their last game of the regular season

Saturday’s Nyrstar Midget Ravens lacrosse game against the Cowichan Valley Thunder was refreshingly clean but the Ravens looked a little sleepy in the first period and fell behind by six goals.

In the second period the Ravens came alive and showed off their defensive game and managed to hold Cowichan at bay. Seven minutes into the second, Bailey Demuth fires a cannon at the Cowichan goalie after receiving a beauty of a feed pass from Taylor Lysne and scores the Ravens’ first goal of the game. The Ravens’ second goal was set up by Emma Gordon who snags the ball from Cowichan and makes a quick pass to Jas Thiara who then sends a dime to Wyatt Surgenor who dumps it into Cowichan’s net. The Ravens were not able to make up for their sleepy first period and the game ends with a 7-2 loss for the Ravens.

The JDF Whalers were in for a huge upset as the Nyrstar Midget Ravens came together for their final game of the season and were the definition of TEAM on Sunday’s game.

To start the flurry of action for the Ravens was Tyler Wingert’s dish to Jas Thiara in front of the Whalers cage and it’s a goal for the Ravens in the first. At the beginning of the second period JDF was stunned as Taylor Lysne leaves JDF in the dust with his ankle breaker and cranks a pass to Kenny Sweet who then fires a lazer at the JDF goalie and scores the Ravens’ second goal.

Still in the second, Matt Borg receives the ball from Jas Thiara and rips a beautiful side arm shot into the JDF’s cage; right behind Matt’s goal comes his brother Brendan Borg in beast mode running through six of the Whalers’ players, after picking up a beautiful pass from Cole Arsenault, Brendan cranks a shot at JDF’s goalie and scores.

Peter Van Gemeren Mcnutt intercepts a Whalers’ pass and rips a wormburner at the JDF goalie and scores the Ravens fifth goal, in the second.

The Ravens aren’t finished dominating the second period quite yet as Erin Persaud comes out of nowhere and manages to dish the ball to Taylor Lysne who sends it into the top shelf of JDF’s net and scores another goal on a penalty kill at the end of the second.

Period three is equally as exciting as Selkirk Thompson intercepts the JDF goalie’s bomb and takes the ball deep into the Whalers’ zone on a breakaway and scores a short handed goal! Taylor Lysne isn’t willing to let the Whaler’s go anywhere with the ball and dumps a JDF player over the boards with a clean body check into the Ravens’ bench.

Selkirk Thompson is at it again as he steals the ball from the Whalers and goes coast to coast and scores another short handed goal, last but not least Kenny Sweet is back into action as he scores the 9th Ravens’ goal of the game single handed on a power play.

In the end, the Nyrstar Midget Ravens take a 9-5 win against the JDF Whalers. The Ravens’ first playdown game will be held at Fuller Lake, Saturday June 30; time is TBD.