Now’s your chance to give triathlon a try

A triathlon involves three disciplines: swimming, biking and running

Looking for something to do this summer…

  • something new, interesting, possibly challenging, definitely fun and great for starting in summer weather!!( especially the weather we have been having!)
  • something you could “Tri”:  you could “test the waters”;  it’s as easy as “riding a bike” (yes, you get to ride a bike!); and then just let it “run it’s course.”

Have you figured out what we’re talking about yet?


A triathlon involves three disciplines:  swimming, biking and running. A typical sprint distance triathlon begins with a 500m swim, which could be in a pool or in a lake.  After completing the swim, participants grab their bikes and complete a 20km route.

The final stage is  a 5 km run. You don’t need a lot of special gear for a triathlon;  swim goggles, any kind of bike, a helmet and a pair of running shoes.

Triathlon is a very social sport, and participants are very supportive of one another, making it very easy to improve quickly and learn from others.

It is not unusual to see one competitor stopping during a race to help another that has had difficulties!!

Triathlon is also something you can do at any age, and for many years.  It is an excellent form of cross-training and targets a large variety of muscle groups.  Did I mention that it is fun!!

If you’ve always thought about learning to do one, or we are just catching your interest now, you are in luck.

The Strathcona Triathlon Club is hosting an Informational Evening on Monday, June 15th from 7 – 8 p.m. at the Sportsplex.

If you would like to know how to prepare for your 1st triathlon, or re-train if you’ve been away from the sport for a bit, and see what is available to help you do this, come on out: give it a ‘tri.’

For more information contact: