New people in Campbell River can choose fishing information

Fishing regulations available on line or paper form. Don Daniels photo

Fishing regulations available on line or paper form. Don Daniels photo

By Don Daniels

There are a number of people who have moved to Campbell River and other areas in British Columbia because of the lifestyle and climate – and fishing is part of that lifestyle.

There are people from the Prairie provinces who are seeking fishing information so they can go and have fun spending time on the rivers and lakes or experience salmon fishing, with or without a boat. That was all before the Internet age and social media.

Most fishermen are hesitant to give out fishing secrets and how-to tips, but that world is in the past and any fishing information can be obtained by getting on your keyboard and go searching. When I first moved to British Columbia, I had no idea what a Kitimat 80 spoon was or what a spin and glo spinner was or what was a flasher. Back in the ice age, you could purchase a fishing license at a local hardware store or gas station. Before Internet I don’t recall if a paper copy of rules and regulations was handed out to keep in your tackle box. Lures and line along with rods could be purchased and many of us, we did lose a lot of lures fishing the lakes and rivers.

Any fishing news travels like wildfire and most stories from anglers were treated like entertainment, and at times, are unbelievable. Today, local tackle suppliers are well informed. Guides and locals who know the fishing activity are reliable sources for information.

But there is another reliable source to use hand-in-hand with all the advice you can get. The Freshwater Fishing Regulations Synopsis Guide has all the in-season regulations changes. Today you can get online and within a few minutes all information is there and you have to search to see the world of fishing and go from there.

On Saturday, Oct. 16, the rain was coming down and any fishing locally was put on hold. Monday, the wind died down and the sun came out.

During the hot weather months of summer, I made a few trips to Long Lake in Nanaimo and walked the shore to see if fishing was possible and plan a trip later in the fall. Long Lake is on the radar for trout stocking. Locally, Echo Lake was stocked Wednesday, Oct. 20.

I made my way to a local tackle supplier and wanted to know if anyone was teaching fly tying and because of COVID, that program came to an end. I am taking baby steps to continue doing it for beginners and as a test, the first session was held on Friday, Oct. 22, and it will be a test to see if any changes are needed for other dates coming up Nov. 19, Dec. 10 and Jan. 21 at the Seniors Centre at the Ironwood Mall. Times are 1 to 3 p.m. and it’s free to attend. A Sunday date and location has yet to be determined.