New house … Or new bike shed?

Have you ever moved into a new house and thought to your self, “this is my forever home, I’m never moving again?”

I have said that out loud every time I’ve moved, only to be told a few years later what is lacking in my house and why a new house would make more sense.

We found our forever house six years ago, and then Regan was born, Rhyley got a bit older, and Chenoa decided a slightly bigger yard with room to run would be a good addition. I might have to take some blame for this since I used up the entire back yard for a pump track

So, we’re moving later this summer and we may have found another forever home.

I am sure it has the layout we need, a big enough yard for a garden and room for the kids to run, and probably enough bathrooms and a kitchen Chenoa likes. Blah, Blah, Blah.

You’re probably thinking this comes down to “happy wife, happy life” and that I am the least selfish guy around. “What a great family man James is.”

I’d like to take credit for that, but honestly, I’ve spent the entire morning laying out the bike shed. I’ve already organized bike storage, a workbench, and a drying station. Just outside that shed is a full bike wash station with cleaning supplies, lube, and more bike storage. I have drawings made up and plans fully dialled in.

I am sure Chenoa and the kids will have some projects in the new house too, but I’m going to be a little busy setting up my utopian home-style bike shop for the first few weeks, so they’ll have to wait.

I’d love to tell you more about it, but I have to go design my new and improved pump track and dirt jumps … Oops, I think the garden just got crossed off the list Maybe we should have just bought an empty lot and lived in a trailer, then I could build a full bike park.

I’m James Durand and I’m Goin’ Ridin’…