The only retiring Swicked Cycles owner James Durand expects he'll do is retiring customers' bikes. Photo submitted

Motivational coaching

By James Durand

You all probably know that I love to ride. And who doesn’t want their offspring, to love what they love?

I don’t expect them to be as passionate as I am, and I don’t push too hard.

Rhyley likes a mellow ride and makes it more social, where Regan wants to race BMX and ride the park, but if either of them are tired or feeling lazy, it can be a battle to get them out the door..

So, instead of pushing, arguing, or demanding that they ride when I want them to, I plan fun outings, organize other kids to come along, or we travel to fun biking locations.

It generally works and we get to ride as a family periodically.

This last week we all went to Whistler. With my shoulder injury I organized some good road rides for me and Chenoa, and tried to plan a few casual trail rides, or jaunts along the Valley trail, for the kids.

It seemed like a perfect mix of longer rides and shorter kid’s rides that would have me patting myself on the back for such great family organizing.

Well, that went sideways when the kids were tired, wanted to play at the lake, or preferred to visit friends than ride with Dad.

I came up with every negotiating tool I could muster, but all to no avail. These kids can apparently be as stubborn as their Dad.

On day five I was about to give up when I remembered some parenting advice my Dad gave me years ago. He said, “When all else fails, the only way to get what you want, is to shamelessly bribe your kids.”

I’m not proud of it, but the offer of Cow’s famous ice cream was tantalizing to these two hesitant mountain bikers, and once they were all hyped up about it, I hit them with the condition. No ride, no ice cream.

The kids earned their ice cream, but I feel like I won this one … sort of.

I’m James Durand and I’m Goin’ Ridin’…