Cars work the corner just past the starting gate during racing action at Saratoga Speedway last Saturday. The monster trucks are in town this weekend at the race track.

Monster trucks at Saratoga this weekend

Round one of the drifting competition took place at Saratoga Speedway last Saturday

Round one of the drifting competition took place at Saratoga Speedway on Saturday.

Five cars, from all across the North Island, put on an amazing display of drifting, with reigning champion #26 Alex Davidson eventually driving his 440 horse-powered Nissan 240 SX to the winner’s circle, taking home the first round of drifting at Saratoga.

The drifting format works as follows: all cars qualify through a points system based on their control, technique, risk of the run and speed. From that point, two cars are matched together to do side by side drifting with one slightly trailing the other, trying to “mock” his or hers run.

The cars then switch, with the one who was trailing now leading, trying to out due the other’s run. The judges will then decide, based on the points system, who has out drifted the other and the winner then moves on to the semi’s and the loser to the loser’s bracket.

After a few runs and a bunch of eliminations, Davidson would find himself in the finals with #4 Andrew Ottosen. After some back and forth drifting, the judges decided that Davidson would be the winner of the first round of drifting. #14 Kyle Fallowfield took on #15 Tom Flagel for third with Fallowfield just barely narrowing out Flagel.

Extra laps…The first appearance of the monster trucks is this weekend. Rockstar and California Kid will once again put on yet another amazing monster truck performance. In previous years, these trucks have hit incredible air and both trucks have even rolled over.

Accompanying the monster trucks on Saturday will be the Crash to Pass cars, hornet cars, roadrunners and the figure 8’s, with the I.M.C.A modifieds and the bomber cars joining the action on Sunday with both nights running rain or shine.