Just checkin’ out the scenery!

I ride with faster riders than me and do my best to chase them down

When riding during the spring and summer, I often find myself training for some race or endurance event.

I ride with faster riders than me and do my best to chase them down. I pick harder trails or road rides trying to improve fitness or just tack on mileage and elevation for the year. I am a goal oriented rider and truly enjoy the challenges of riding farther or


So why is it that when the fall arrives I just give up on goals, don’t ever care where I ride and often find myself riding at half speed and enjoying all of it?

As I was cruising up through the Pumphouse trails last week, I was thinking about this the entire way. Maybe I am just burned out from a hard season of riding and I don’t have the energy. No that’s not it, I actually feel pretty good this time of year.

Maybe I am trying to reserve my fitness and strength so I can train hard again next Spring. Nope that’s not it either, I’ll worry about next season, next year. Maybe it’s just too wet and slippery and I am worried about my safety. Ha, yeah right!

After an hour of riding I realized I was just checking out the scenery and enjoying being in the forest. With the leaves changing colours, the light flickering through the trees and the Moon lighting up the trails, it was just an amazing night on the bike. Full moon rides are the best at this time of year and the trail conditions are still awesome for riding at any speed.

It seems every ride I do in the Fall is more amazing than the last, so I am just going to go with the flow, ride slow and take in the views for a little longer. Spring will be here soon enough and the hammer head attitude will come right along with it.


I’m James Durand and I’m Goin’ Ridin’