It’s too cold to ride…

By James Durand

Yep, It’s been a bit chilly lately, and with that it’s pretty tough to get motivated and get out the door to ride. But I lead group rides, and therefore people are relying on me, so I go to the ride no matter the conditions.

On the coldest of the recent rides, my truck said it was -6 degrees as I approached the meeting spot. Sure, if you’re in Fort Mac, that’s no big deal, but for me, that was painful.

We bundled up as best as possible and through chattering teeth, I prompted the group to get moving before we got too cold.

The pace started faster than normal as all of us were hoping to heat up from within, but it seemed the wind outdid any effort we exerted and I for one, was getting colder.

As we turned into the trees, I changed my planned route and added a bunch of hill climbs. For once, every rider was happy about climbing.

I was already thinking of cutting the ride short and aiming for the shop, with heat, and beer, but then after just a couple of short climbs, the feeling in my fingers starting coming back, my legs stopped aching, and I realized how amazing the trail conditions were.

We rode all over Snowden, hit a few trails we haven’t seen in way too long, found some reworked stuff, and pinned it pretty good on the downhills.

Obviously, we didn’t want to stop for too long and socializing was kept to a minimum. In the end, It was not only bearable, but a fantastic ride with spring-like trail conditions.

It just proves, once again, that if I can get out of my own way and stop thinking, riding makes everything better, in all conditions.

Despite my love of the local trails and collection of great winter gear that allows me to ride all year, I’m heading south. Dealing with winter is not bad at all, but it still doesn’t compare to sunny days, dry trails, and 20 degrees. Sorry gang, I’ll see you in February.

Jon and Ron will still be leading our group rides and I hope to see lots of you beating the weather over the next six weeks.

I’m James Durand and I’m Goin’ Ridin’…