Island Fever Travel holds the lead

Tuesday Lunch Bunch 10 Pin Bowling

Going into the last week of the first quarter, Island Fever Travel continues to hold the lead with 168.5 points.

High team game and series were North Island Nissan with a 661 game and 1867 series. In Individual scratch scoring Mary Berkenstock had high game of 220 and high series of 554 for women and Ray Stormo had high game, of 227, and high series of 600. In individual handicap scoring George Muskovich had high game of 266 and high series of 686. High handicap series was Chris Nesbitt with plus with a 655. CTF awards were earned by Mary Berkenstock and George Muskovich for 50 pins over average games.

Friday Night Mixed 10 pin League

The “Wanna Beez” continue to lead the first quarter with 109 points but the star team for the week was the “Misfits” who took a total of 31 points out of a possible 32.

Male individual high scratch scoring was Harley Trenholm with a high game of 230 and Shane Konkle with a high series of 632. While high handicap scoring was Eugene Belanko with high game of 275 and Duane Ladouceur with high series of 749. Womens individual scores were also spread around, High scratch game was Devon Rodgers with a 211 and high series was Michelle Konkle with a 558. Handicap high game and series went to Joanne Saunders with 290 game and 768 series.

Saturday Youth 10 pin League

Ethan Belanko with a 186 game and 504 series and Devon Rodgers with a 201 game and 522 series were the scratch stars of the week.

In the handicap division Brooke Rodgers had high game, a 228 while she tied with her sister Devon for high handicap series with 600 each. Youth between the ages of six and twenty two are invited to join the youth league. There is still time to join. There is a one time fee of $30 for membership to belong to then national bowling organization and cost per week is $10 for bowling and $1 to rent shoes. There is a grace period of three weeks for youth to make a decision whether they want to continue in the league For information email

Tuesday Night Mixed Bowling

In first place is the Spare Talent team with 36 points. Ethan Belanko had 115 pins over average in a series and Denise Kennedy had the ladies highest pins over average in a series with 51. Ethan Belanko has lit up the lanes recently winning a watch for 100 pins over average. He was also awarded with a 600 series pin. Lorna Carlson was awarded with a 180 game crest and Dave Macklin won a 550 series crest.

Monday Night Men’s Tenpin

What’s on Digest was the high team with 32 points for week 6.

New Kids took over 1st place at 134.5 just 3 points ahead of Storrie Creek Golfers. DA Bears took both high scratch series at 2253 and Clippers highs game with 820. Clippers had high hdcp gm with a 1008 and What’s on Digest high hdcp series with a 2804.

Cy Kim was high scratch single with a 241 and high hdcp with a 307. Cy Kim was also high scratch series with a 656 and he also had high hdcp series with 854. !st Quarter is a tight race with only four points separating 1st and 4th position and two weeks to go.