I’m a kid again

By James Durand

It sounds dumb I know, and it is physically impossible, but it’s the time of year that does it for me.

The weather is warm, the trail conditions are perfect, and the days are long. As a mountain biker, it just doesn’t get any better.

I’ve had three rides in the last week where I forgot about all my stresses, wasn’t thinking about work, or family, and just let the fun take over.

Fun above all … sounds youthful doesn’t it?

I remember riding all day as a kid, never feeling tired, and definitely not worrying about anything. Looking back it was pretty awesome, but as we get to adulthood, family, ambition, and general life seem to get in the way of that innocent fun.

I’d think with all the stresses in the world right now it would be harder to relax, but maybe it’s because of all the chaos that my body and soul are forced to relax as a form of survival.

So on these three rides, I have somehow managed to forget about life completely and just ride my bike. I enjoyed the climbs, I stopped to look at the forest, and I found the best trails in each area.

No matter how tired I became, there was always a bit more energy for one more trail. I was happy to push the limits and try to ride faster, never thinking about the consequences. And, after each ride, I was in the best mood I can remember in a long time, with that feeling lasting for hours after the ride was finished.

When the feeling started to fade, I was already thinking about the next ride and the excitement was back. It truly made me feel like a kid with no responsibilities.

I may have discovered the fountain of youth, and apparently it has something to do with great riding, and a hint of denial.

I’m James Durand and I’m Going’ Ridin’…

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