The only retiring Swicked Cycles owner James Durand expects he'll do is retiring customers' bikes. Photo submitted

If you want to ride in may, get a bike today

By James Durand

No, I’m not trying to pressure you all into buying a new bike, or a used bike for that matter, or even a bike from Swicked, but I got pretty tired of telling people last summer, “No, I can’t get you a bike”.

At Swicked we pride ourselves on having a large inventory and a good variety of bikes to suit the needs of the local cyclists.

We ride often, on many different styles of bikes, so we’re pretty good at figuring out your needs and getting you out the door on, not only a good bike, but the right bike.

Last season when Covid hit the bike industry hard from a manufacturing angle and at the same time demand doubled globally, we were all of a sudden out of bikes with no options to refill.

We managed to service and adjust and fix your current bikes to keep you riding, but that was a stop gap for many of you wishing for a new ride, and you were left wanting.

Going into 2021, we obviously have more insight on how things will go, but the high demand and low supply issue still exists in the bike world, so I thought I would share a bit of advice.

If you want a new bike for the spring or summer this year, don’t wait until the spring or summer to start your research, or you just may be picking up your new bike next Christmas.

Currently on the Island I am seeing shops getting bikes. Lots of styles, sizes, and price points. Hard tails, full suspension bikes, road bikes, and even kid’s bikes. But if the other shops are anything like us, these bikes are moving quickly and replacements are a big question mark.

So, much like waiting until that first sunny day in March for your spring tune up and wondering why you can’t get your bike back same day, don’t wait too long for your dream bike. If you don’t plan ahead, your options will be settling for something less than ideal, or going without.

And no matter what you do … DO NOT sell your current bike until you’re sitting on your new one. It’s hard to be a cyclist with no cycle.

I’m James Durand and I’m Goin’ Ridin’…