If you don’t have a stop sign, please just go

I have been riding to school with my daughter semi-regularly this year, and with Regan so excited to ride every day, he likes to come along for the morning adventure.

Rhyley on her mountain bike and Regan on the trail-a-bike behind me. It’s a fun morning for all of us.

The fresh air shakes out the cobwebs before school, which is a must for Rhyley, and Regan gets the biggest smile ever knowing that he isn’t missing out. As a Dad, I just love riding with my kids, even if it’s just a short commute.

This morning I was heading home with Regan and came up to a stop sign. As cyclists, we are considered traffic, not pedestrians, so I ride in the lane of traffic when I approach intersections. I signal and wait my turn to go.

At three different intersections today, while I waited my turn at a stop sign, a car with the right of way, would stop and wave me through. Very polite, and I understand the extra consideration for a Dad and a toddler, but one car stopped and the other cars continued on as normal.

So, there I was, being aggressively waived through by one polite driver, while other cars continue on as normal. If I had proceeded, I’m sure there would have been horns honked, fists waved, and some minor chaos. Most drivers are not expecting a cyclist to roll through a stop sign and blast out in front of them.

Eventually, either the polite car moved on, or a second car stopped, leaving two cars sitting in the intersection with a third creeping out wondering what the hell was going on. Me? I took the cautious approach and stayed in place until it was obviously safe to go.

I truly appreciate kind gestures from drivers, and it makes me feel nice that our community is so considerate. I realize it can be far worse out there for cyclist, but as long as there is more than one car in, or approaching an intersection, even if you stop and wave me through, I just can’t trust that everyone is paying attention. So, please, just treat cyclists like cars, and let’s all stick to the rules of the road.

I am ok waiting my turn, if it keeps me from being wedged under a car.

I’m James Durand and I’m Goin’ Ridin’…