Hornets, roadrunners and dwarves on the Saratoga Speedway race card

Next weekend marks the first appearance of the Old Time Modified Stock cars

The Crash to Pass, Hornets, Roadrunners, Dwarf cars and the Figure 8 cars were all on the racing card for Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday night saw season high car counts in the Hornets, Dwarfs and Roadrunner divisions. Twenty-seven Hornet cars took to the track on Saturday.

Saturday night saw season high car counts in the Hornets, Dwarfs and Roadrunner divisions to take his fifth main event win of the year. Daryn Cahill started third in the A main event, giving him an advantage over the field, taking the lead on lap 1 and never looking back from there. Kyle Fallowfield had his best finish of the year, finishing second with third going to Daryl Cahill.

A season high 13 Dwarf cars qualified on Saturday. #11 Mike Meeres had his car hooked up on Saturday, setting fast time in qualifying and dominating the 30-lap main event, taking the lead on lap 4 and never looking back from there, extending his points lead over Ike Armitage, who was not racing this weekend. Brian Lee finished second, with third going to Mike Schott.

The Figure 8’s were up to eight cars on Saturday. Andrew Buchanan won both races in the Figure 8 class, dominating the field. Jeff May led every lap on the 20-lap Crash to Pass main event, taking over the points lead.

Ted Dimitrov dominated the Roadrunner class, winning the heat and the main event, inching himself closer to the points lead.

Sunday night featured one of the best monster truck shows at Saratoga Speedway, and our second roll over of the year. The Hornet cars had an amazing 40 lap feature main event.

Daryn Cahill and Daryn Cahill duelled it out for first and second place in the A main.

Daryn finished the race in first but was disqualified after the race, due to over aggressive driving, giving the win to Daryl.

Skyler Carlson who was racing in only his second race at Saratoga Speedway got into an altercation with Daryn Cahill on the last lap, causing him to hit the Monster truck jump on an awkward angle, rolling himself over.

Justin Beaulieu, who was filling in for Nick Leavitt in the Roadrunner division, fought off Ted Dimitrov to win their feature 10 lap main event.

Andrew Buchanan won his second Figure 8 main event in as many nights; Buchanan also won the 10 lap heat race. Mike Meeres and Dave Emmerson were battling bumper to bumper in the 30 lap feature race, but Meeres would run into mechanical problems on lap 17, giving the lead and eventual win to Emmerson.

Dan Kemp started eight in the 20 lap Crash to Pass main event, but he fought his way to the front on lap 15, taking home his first main event win of the season.

Extra laps…Next weekend marks the first appearence of the Old Time Modified Stock cars.

The Old Timers were rained out on their first scheduled appearence.

There will also be a Bomber car Island Invitational next weekend, inviting cars from all across the island, which should make for the best car count of the year.

The I.M.C.A Modifieds and the Motorcycles will also be joining the Old Timers and Bomber cars next weekend.