The Campbell River Gymnastics club shows off its haul of booty from a recent competition in Abbotsford. Back row

Gymnast earns Team BC nod

Campbell River's Quinn Kuschel-Ross qualifies for Western Canadian Championships with showing at Abbotsford Invitational

Quinn Kuschel-Ross of the Campbell River Gymnastics Association qualified for the Western Canadian Gymnastics Championships by winning a pair of gold medals, one silver and one bronze in the recent Abbotsford Invitational competition.

Teammate Liam Deagle narrowly missed joining Kuschel-Ross on Team BC for the Western Canadians, to be held in Okotoks, Alberta.

They were part of a sizeable contingent of CRGA gymnasts who traveled to Abbotsford and put on a strong showing in the last warmup competition heading into provincials.

Riley Michael posted a clean sweep in boys Level 3 (over 13 years) competition, grabbing seven gold medals to earn the all-around title. Deagle placed third all-around in the boys Level 4 while winning gold on the high bar, and Carson Ogg finished fourth all-around at Level 3 (under 13) with a gold on parallel bars.

On the girls side, Reese Wheeldon won the silver medal in Junior Olympic Level 8 (12-15 years) while adding the silver medal on floor exercise and bronze medals on both uneven parallel bars and the balance beam.

Mackenzie Johnson placed fourth all-around at JO Level 7 while claiming gold on the vault. Kayla Glover (JO 4, 10-14 years) and Chloe Doyon (JO 8, 11-14 years) each had top-10 all-around finishes in the high-level, Western Canadian qualifier.

Kuschel-Ross did not qualify for all-around as he focussed on four disciplines to qualify for Team B.C. He won gold on rings and parallel bars, earned silver on the pommel horse, and took home bronze on high bar.


Abbotsford Invitational Gymnastics

Campbell River Gymnastics Assn. results



JO Level 4 (2001-05)

All-around: 10. Kayla Glover; 11. Ellie Anderson. Balance beam: 5. Anderson; 14. Glover. Uneven parallel bars: 11. Glover; 13. Anderson. Vault: 6. Glover; 13. Anderson. Floor exercise: 11. Anderson; 13. Glover.

JO Level 5

All-around: 12. Jordan Loock; 14. Cailey Goddyn. Beam: 8. Loock; 12. Goddyn. Bars: 12. Loock; 14. Goddyn. Vault: 6. Goddyn; 8. Loock. Floor: 11. Goddyn; 13. Loock.

JO Level 6 (2004-07)

All-around: 18. Isabella Michael. Beam: 18. Michael. Bars: 16. Michael. Vault: 18. Michael. Floor: 11. Michael.

JO Level 6 (1998-2003)

All-around: 4. Mackenzie Johnson; 13. Rebecca Revoy; 19. Leah Anderson. Beam: 7. Johnson; 11. Revoy; 17. Anderson. Bars: 10. Johnson; 12. Revoy; 19. Anderson. Vault: 1. Johnson; 11. Revoy; 14. Anderson. Floor: 2. Johnson; 9. Anderson; 16. Revoy.

JO Level 8 (2001-04)

All-around: 10. Chloe Doyon; 14. Brooklyn Batch. Beam: 10. Doyon; 17. Batch. Bars: 2. Batch; 9. Doyon. Vault: 10. Batch; 18. Doyon. Floor: 7. Doyon; 17. Batch.

JO Level 8 (2000-03)

All-around: 2. Reese Wheeldon; 21. Janika Scriba; 22. Mackenzie Henderson. Beam: 3. Wheeldon; 20. Henderson; 22. Scriba. Bars: 3. Wheeldon; 5. Scriba; 20. Henderson. Vault: 11. Wheeldon; 21. Henderson; 25. Scriba. Floor: 2. Wheeldon; 8. Scriba; 22. Henderson.



Level 1

All-around: Silver: Jackson Martin. Bronze: Owen Olney. High bar: Gold: Jackson Martin. Silver: Owen Olney. Rings: Silver: Martin, Olney. Pommel horse: Bronze: Martin, Olney. Parallel bars: Gold: Martin. Silver: Olney. Vault: Gold: Martin, Olney. Floor: Silver: Martin, Olney.

Level 3 (under 13)

All-around: 4. Carson Ogg; 6. Nathan Kerluck. High bar: 4. Kerluck; 8. Ogg. Rings: 6. (tie) Kerluck, Ogg. Pommel horse: 9. Ogg; 13. Kerluck. Parallel bars: 1. Ogg; 2. Kerluck. Vault: 12. Kerluck; 16. Ogg. Floor: 3. Ogg; 14. Kerluck.

Level 3 (over 13)

All-around: 1. Riley Michael. Rings; 1. Michael. High bar: 1. Michael. Pommel horse: 1. Michael. Parallel bars: 1. Michael. Vault: 1. Michael. Floor: 1. Michael.

Level 4 (over 13)

All-around: 3. Liam Deagle. Rings: 1. Quinn Kuschel-Ross; 6. Deagle. High bar: 1. Deagle; 3. Kuschel-Ross. Pommel horse: 2. Kuschel-Ross; 4. Deagle. Parallel bars: 1. Kuschel-Ross; 2. Deagle. Vault: 8. Deagle. Floor: 3. Deagle.