Coaches Jodey Ingalls (left) and Chase Ingalls (far right) expressed pride in David Cliffe, Devon Jardine, Riley Michael and Thomas Connor, four students from Pure Martial Arts who returned from a tournament in Victoria last week with lots of hardware.

Four Campbell River fighters clean up in Victoria

Jodey Ingalls and his son and partner at Pure Martial Arts and Fitness, Chase Ingalls, are proud of four of their students that competed in Victoria on Nov. 4.

Fifteen-year-old David Cliffe competed in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and defeated four opponents to win gold.

Devon Jardine, also a junior, fought four opponents and lost only to teammate Cliffe in the finals earning Jardine the silver.

Riley Michael, 17, fought two opponents in Modified kickboxing and won Gold. Michael did so well Coach Chase asked the tournament promoters if Michael could fight in the men’s devision which had much stiffer competition and allows more full contact. Michael fought four hard fights and came out with a silver.

The fourth student, Thomas Connor, also 17, competed in men’s advanced Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and defeated both opponents for the gold medal.