Fountain of youth

It’s that time of year again when our youth mountain bike club gets underway.

It really is a great experience. Watching the kids encourage each other, improve their skill and fitness, and take the opportunity to increase their independence on a mountain bike, is inspiring.

I look forward to every Tuesday ride all summer long.

A few weeks ago we had our intro meeting with all the kids and parents.

It is generally Andy and me explaining the details of the season. Where we’ll ride, what field trips to expect, and a few rules to keep it all fun.

All the different families get to meet and chat, and the kids all run around the bike shop drooling over bikes and gear while eating snacks. The level of excitement was off the charts.

The smiles were huge, you could see in the body language how badly we wanted to get on the bikes and start riding.

With each new announcement that night the excitement grew, the pitch in the voices elevated, and the energy ramped up exponentially. I was buzzing by the end of the night.

The anticipation for that first Tuesday ride is overwhelming … Hmmm, I wonder if the kids are as excited as Andy and I?

I’m James Durand and I’m Goin’ Ridin’…