Kayaks launched at Pacific Playgrounds marina. Photo by Don Daniels

Kayaks launched at Pacific Playgrounds marina. Photo by Don Daniels

Fishing might be a good add-on to outdoor recreation

  • Jan. 13, 2021 11:30 a.m.

By Don Daniels

Here we are, midway through the first month of 2021 and the weather has included wind warnings along with rain, and yes, we occasionally get a window open when the sun comes out.

Families are spending money doing the things they enjoy which may include kayaking, hiking or skiing and fishing and boating. We have become accustomed to masking up and enjoying recreation activities close to home. I am seeing more people on local lakes, going for a kayak paddle and at times, a few extra inflatable boats will be out on the water.

I tend to fish a few local lakes and have noticed more anglers out spending time fishing various times of the day before packing up and going home. A number of people will show up with a kayak and are met by a few others and they paddle around the lake to enjoy a day on the water. From a distance you can say hi and ask about fishing.

When it comes to fishing, you can fish from shore or use a canoe, pontoon boat or belly boat and, yes, you can fish from a kayak. I know a good trout fisherman from Gold River and he had mentioned he got a kayak and used it to go fishing but then he gave up on the idea; he lost too much tackle and other gear. A number of guys in Campbell River had said they wanted a kayak and proceeded to purchase one and go around the islands to explore and maybe fish. I know of one who used it once and it has stayed in his garage for over three years. Now, you can do some add-ons to go fishing which can include a rod holder and saddle bags to keep tackle and other supplies intact.

Menawhile, there are countless hiking trails around Campbell River and all over the Island. Many hikers walk past a lake, maybe take a picture and move on. Why not add a four-piece spinning or fly rod to your pack and go fishing for a few hours? A 3 or 4 weight rod would be ideal to fish per the regulations.

I was surprised to learn that some ocean surfers carry along a fly rod and since they are in a good area to surf, take some time to throw out a fly. A number of paddle boarders have also been out on lakes and also at Saratoga Beach. If you are boarding when the salmon are running, they are quite visible at low tide.

In the first week of January, river levels up north, starting at the Salmon River at Sayward, will be high and blown out, meaning high water to the bank, murky and unfishable. In a few months, those who drift the Salmon River will encounter downed logs and trees in the river, and at times, will have to portage around the jam and sometimes getting overturned.

Coming up later this month: fly tying changes around Campbell River. Also, I have a question going out to readers and anglers. I have heard about dirt bag fishing for halibut up north. Is it a another name for chumming?

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