Figure skater chases her dreams

A young Campbell River figure skater with big dreams

Hailey Dickson-Greaves has won the Lynn Hetherington Memorial for the sixth time – a competition she says is the most important of her career.

Dickson-Greaves is a  Juvenile Ladies Freeskate on the competitive side of Figure Skating with Skate Canada.

Dickson-Greaves, now 12, started skating at the age of 3 and started competing at the age of 5.

She trains full time at the Nanaimo Figure Skating Club and the Port Alberni Skating Club, training four to five days a week and a total of 11.25 hours on the ice. Dickson-Greaves is coached by Olympic/National Coach Blaine Moore. She started skating with Moore back in 2010 for her jumps and technical performance; she started skating with Moore full time in March of 2011.

Dickson-Greaves has a deep respect for Moore and says his knowledge and experience of high performance competitive skating has improved her skating ability 100 per cent.

“He has made me a stronger jumper, better quality of skating skills and performance,” Dickson-Greaves says.

“My Juvenile program is full of everything and makes my skating performance not only difficult but it also helps me to achieve higher goals for my personal best.”

Dickson-Greaves also credits her two other coaches, Carrie Hawkes from Nanaimo and Daniella Keller of Port Alberni, who help her with her Artistic Performance and Spins.

Dickson-Greaves won the Vancouver Island Regional Championships in October of 2011. She was registered to skate at the Skate Canada Sections Competition in November  2011 in Kelowna but had to withdraw due to weather conditions and was consequently not allowed to skate for the BC Winter Games in March of 2012 – a huge disappointment for Dickson-Greaves whom was training even more to get ready for these two events.

Dickson-Greaves will now move on to the next two competitions in March and is hoping to medal at the Star Skate Championships in Surrey at the end of March.

Dickson-Greaves thanks her parents Robert and Tracy Lamontagne for supporting her skating and always being by her side and cheering her on.

“Without my parents I would be unable to have this opportunity,” Dickson-Greaves says.