Kelsey Bay marina is a starting point for crabbing and prawning in February. Don Daniels photo

End of January fish tales

FISHING CORNER: We just have to get through the bad weather

By Don Daniels

I am happy to see the long month of January gone and the weather slowly improving day by day, even if it has, at times, been sunny.

But that is January.

I always maintain that any day we have no snow is a bonus when it comes to getting out fishing. On the upside, the river levels are higher and that means enough water around for the salmon eggs to hatch and fry get to move about and grow up. The rivers are fishable for catch and release trout and reports for any steelhead activity will increase over the next few months.

Local rivers will be impossible to wade across because of the high water levels but in certain areas, fishing from shore is possible if you are so inclined. For trout anglers, it’s catch and release using small silver spoons or egg patterns then changing over to fry patterns in March.

Once we get through the bad weather conditions, anglers will get out to fish the various pools and, remember, all hooks are barbless. Coming up in a few weeks, I will feature proper catch and release ettiquet and you may be surprised how some anglers simply don’t know or care when it comes to releasing a trout in the Campbell River or any other river system in the area.

I recently had a chance to talk with a few guys out at Kelsey Bay and the boat crews were out and about doing repairs at the dock and the work continues at the marina putting in new docks.

Crabbing has been good in waters north of Yorke Island and Owen Bay. Leaving by boat from the Kelsey Bay marina is always a challenge because of the tides and strong winds. There are a number of bays and areas out of the wind on the backside of Hardwicke Island that can be reached to get down prawn and crab pots.

If you haven’t been to the new library in Sayward, make it a point of stopping by this Sunday and take part or come by and watch what happens when we have the second fly tying session for beginners starting at 1 p.m. Over the past few years, I had sessions that were well attended at the Salmon River Inn but it’s closed at the moment for renovations.

I have some giveaways and the sessions are free for people of all ages. Everyone learns something and we have a few hours of fun learning the basic techniques.

You will take home a few patterns you have made at this session. I got a bunch of flies from Bob Gordon from Campbell River who is a retired fishing guide and his pink pattern really works. I will have the flies at the library.

I will be back at the Campbell River library the last Sunday in February and March from 1 to 3 p.m.I have tied up the Black Ghost streamer pattern in a few sizes and these will be at the library and I should have extra flies to give away.

This streamer pattern has been very good fishing for early spring trout.

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