Door open for for drag race contenders

Classes were broken in three sections this time around with Streets, Slicks and Bikes all getting their own divisions

Round 2 of Drifting and Drag racing took place at Saratoga Speedway on Saturday which was sponsored by Kal Tire in Courtenay and Campbell River.

Thirteen drag cars took to the track with last run’s winner TJ Dafse not attending, opening the door for all 13 contenders to take home the round 2 win.

Classes were broken in three sections this time around with Streets, Slicks and Bikes all getting their own divisions. Some early knock outs saw Phil Hamilton, Chad Elliott and John Demonye all get knocked out with John Butterwall, Don McBeth and Stewart Elliott all getting by with no loses into the next round.

In the bike division, Justin Smith would manage to out drag his opponent Don Dingler in the battle of the Harley’s to take home the win. The Street division finals saw Kevin Lawrenuk in his 2001 Integra against Stewart Elliott in his 72 Dodge with Lawrenuk beating Elliott by two car lengths to take the win.

The Fast slick class saw Corey Sandirson in the finals again, this time against Dez O’Driscoll in his Cutlass, with Sandirson once again falling short, giving the win to O’Driscoll. Ten Drifters took to the track on Saturday. Last rounds winner Callum Hayes was knocked out in the very first round, opening the door for the other nine contestants to take home the win.

Some early eliminations saw Andrew Ottosen, Reece Lucas, Tomas Flagel and Matt Jefford in the final four, with Ottosen and Jefford meeting in the finals; Ottosen and Jefford would battle neck for neck in the finals, with Jefford managing to slightly edge out Ottosen to take home the second round of drifting. Seven Contestants entered into our new event Time Attack. David Clark in his 2010 Ford Mustang, managed to set the best time on the night with a 56.559 to win the event.

Extra laps…Next Weekend Saratoga Speedway welcomes back the Old Time Modified Stock cars. These cars range in years from the early 1920’s to the late 1930’s and are some of the most beautiful race cars you will see attend Saratoga this year. Accompanying them will be the I.M.C.A Modifieds, who are making their second appearance of the year, along with the Hornet cars and the Bomber cars.