Doctor prescribes a lesson in service

Timely visit by physician turns into win-win situation for bike mechanic

Have you ever missed a ride because your bike was broken?

I have and I hated it, but when I found a mechanic that understood this and worked harder to get bikes back under their riders, I stuck with him a long time. Now 20 years later as a bike mechanic and shop owner, I pride myself on a high level of service. I believe that you should not be without your bike for one second longer than necessary and I do my best to get it repaired, working smoothly and safely, and back in your hands ASAP, so you can ride.

It’s not just about creating a better business or earning more clients, but more about a passion for riding and understanding that down time is unacceptable.

The reason this is on my mind this week, is because I was the recipient of some amazing service recently.

I was at the shop last week, ironically doing a rush repair so a customer wouldn’t miss her ride…and I dropped a drill on my foot. After a quick inspection, some gauze and a shoe tied a little tighter than normal, I got back to work. We got her bike repaired and she headed for the trails. My toe was in rough shape and probably needed some stitches, but I just didn’t have time to go to emergency, so a band aid would have to do the trick.

Thirty minutes later my doctor walked in with his bike, which needed a couple tweaks and adjustments before the Monday night ride. Greg ratted me out and before I knew it, the Doc had my shoe off and explained that I had better make some time to get the stitches. I didn’t want to argue with him, but I just couldn’t afford to spend an afternoon in emergency.

Rather than listen to my lame excuses, my doctor proceeded to drive me to his clinic, sneak me in the back door and stitch me up. He then returned me to work and had me back at my work stand; I barely missed 30 minutes. Greg had the Doc’s bike ready so he could make the Swicked Monday night ride and my toe wasn’t bleeding any longer. It was a win-win.

I never expect this level of service, and feel a little guilty taking it, but also understand that my doctor has passion and just wants to help people. He is fixing people and I’m just fixing bikes, but no matter what you do, if you have a passion for it, it shows!

Thanks for the amazing service Doc. I appreciate it more than I can say.


I’m James Durand, and I’m goin’ ridin’.