The Mud Run Ride’s mud pit awaits competitors at the finish line at McIvor Lake.

Campbell River’s Mud Run Ride to get down and dirty Saturday

Returns this weekend to the mountain bike trails around McIvor Lake with a big, boggy, black pit of mud waiting at the finish line

The dirtiest event in Campbell River is gearing up for another run.

Yes, the Mud Run Ride returns this weekend to the mountain bike trails around McIvor Lake with a big, boggy, black pit of mud waiting at the finish line.

“This event is very much about having fun,” said Chris Flood, one of the run organizers.

Even if you’re not one of the two-person teams participating, the event is a blast to watch, especially with the mud pit at the end. And you’re welcome to check it out.

“We would love audience participation,” Flood said.

Flood and Lamont took over the organization of the event after the original group was unable to continue with it. Lamont and Flood didn’t want to see it die after two successful years, so they took it over and made it an independently Campbell River event.

The previous organizers ran a mud run ride here and in Vancouver but are unable to continue with the local event.

“The opportunity just sort of showed up in February,” Flood said.

Both Lamont and Flood felt it was an event that would encourage Campbell Riverites to remain active while providing some visitor benefit to the community. They felt the run can help promote Campbell River’s outstanding mountain bike trail network.

“Our trails are incredible,” said Lamont. She said it is great “being able to utilize them and publicize them.”

The Mud Run Ride involves you and a partner alternating between trail running and beginner mountain biking.

You will switch riding/running at a series of Mystery Challenges along the course.

You do not need to wait for your partner at these challenges, you just have to wait for the bike you share.

If you run the first leg of the race, at the first challenge you will wait for your partner to arrive by bike, then you complete the second leg of the race on the bike and you will keep switching like this at each of the challenges.

The final Challenge is at the finish line, which you and your partner must do together before crossing the finish line.

You will need to climb a wall, go down a slide and then go through the infamous Mud Pit.

The race starts at 10 a.m. with a 9:30 check in.

The organizers are anticipating approximately 100 participants.

“It really is for all levels,” Lamont said. “We’re not focused on advanced athletes. Don’t worry about your time, just worry about finishing the race.”

There are prizes for the winners of the various categories as well as best costume and random draw prizes.

The categories are: top male team; top female; top mixed; and the top mammoth team (where the two riders’ combined weight is over 400 pounds).

The event is expected to attract riders from all over the Island. There are six teams expected from the Comox Valley.

To register or get more information, visit