Tod Fierner/St. Mary’s College Athletics Sarah Chase who currently plays for the St. Mary’s College, will be training with Team Canada this summer.

Campbell Riverite to train with the Women’s National Volleyball Team

Timberline graduate Sarah Chase has been named to the reserve roster of the women’s national volleyball team.

“I’m very excited to be training this year with the national team,” Chase said in an email interview. “There’s an exciting energy at the beginning of a new Olympic quad. We have a completely new coaching staff so there’s lots of learning happening in the gym right now.”

Chase missed a week of classes right before exams to go to tryouts at the Richmond Olympic Oval.

She said it consisted of double-days of drills and competition.

The week finished off with individual meetings with the coaching staff, where she was invited to train with the team for the summer.

Chase has officially been playing volleyball since grade four, but it has always been a part of her life because her mom coached volleyball.

“I play volleyball because it brings me a lot of joy,” she said. “I’ve always been a competitive person and it’s a great outlet for that energy. Volleyball is also the ultimate team sport because you need all six players to work together like clockwork in order to score a single point, let alone 25.

“The sport has allowed me to create some amazing friendships throughout my life from coaches to teammates, that I would of never made without the sport.”

Chase is currently playing at St. Mary’s College of California where she is studying Kinesiology with an emphasis in Health and Human Performance.

She hopes to the national team will qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. She said she would also like to play professional volleyball overseas after graduating from university.



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