James Durand

Buying the perfect kid’s bike

Christmas mornings when there was a bike under the tree were the most memorable

I don’t remember many Christmas mornings in detail but I have never forgotten any Christmas mornings that I found a bike under the tree.

For many kids there is nothing better than a shiny new bike on Christmas morning.

They don’t remember any other gifts and no matter the weather, just can’t wait to get out the door for that first pedal around the block. It’s the best gift ever!

So, you already know this and you want to get Jr. a bike for Christmas this year, but just aren’t sure where to start.

Here are a few tips to make sure you get little Billy or Betty, the perfect bike.

Start with a pro bike shop. If you are in a store that is selling soccer balls, TV’s, or groceries along with bikes…wrong place. Drop into your local bike shop for some expert advice and quality bikes.

You and your child will be happy you did.

Kid’s bikes come in many different sizes from 12” wheels up through to 26” wheels.

Size is very important and for the perfect bike you need it to fit, but also want it to last longer than a few months.

Try to get a bike slightly bigger than needed. This way you get a bike that is easy to ride, but will also last two or three years as your child grows. If you have no idea what size, then bring in a pair of your child’s pants. This will help the bike shop staff sort out the sizing.

Gears and suspension? More gears and a suspension fork are always a nice addition. But if you are trying to save weight or keep the budget down, you can do without.

Keep in mind that if your child is only riding up and down your drive way and around the neighbourhood, then gears and suspension might be overkill. If your little ripper is headed for the trails, or riding up Alder St. on her way to school, then gears are a huge advantage.

Merry Christmas everyone and I hope to see lots of little kids testing out their shiny new bikes this Christmas morning.

I’m James Durand and I’m Goin’ Ridin’