The only retiring Swicked Cycles owner James Durand expects he'll do is retiring customers' bikes. Photo submitted

Bursting the bubble

By James Durand

Lately, I’ve not been riding nearly as much as normal.

Between a busy year at work, growing kids and moving house, my riding has been bumped down the priority list a few notches and I’ve ridden less than half of normal.

Last Thursday me and two friends headed out for a spin around Snowden.

I figured I would get beat up pretty good trying to hold on to the pace, but that’s the best way to get back into shape, so off I went.

As we headed up the first climb, I was in front and kept waiting to get passed, but there was no one behind me.

Further into the ride as we found more technical terrain, I was still holding them off.

Considering these guys are more than 20 years my junior, and they don’t have kids, I was starting to feel really good about myself.

Maybe I’m not that out of shape? Maybe I still have the skill and fitness to ride with the big boys? Maybe this ageing thing isn’t so bad after all?

Then I stopped to let them catch up.

I looked over and saw that Jon was stuck behind Justin. Justin was checking his front tire. It was flat. Really flat.

We did a quick repair, had him back in action, and off we went … With two younger, fitter riders punishing me for the entire ride home.

Damn, reality can hurt sometimes.

I’m James Durand and I’m Goin’ Ridin’…

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