Bluebacks bring home a win

The young men took the soggy field with good posession from the start.

The young men took the soggy field with good posession from the start.

Within a short time the Port Alberni squad showed that they were playing to win.

With tenacity the Campbell River Bluebacks continued their assault on the Alberni end and with the right passing, and a well placed kick, scored the first of what would be a hat trick game for Blueback Nick Silva.

The Bluebacks continued to face opposition as the tuned in Alberni squad found possession and made numerous runs at the Blueback end with little success. Still a bit stunned by the effort it was taking to hold the line, the Port Alberni team answered with a long kick from midfield that floated a hairs breadth under the top bar to put it at 1-1.

The Bluebacks came back to centre and battled for the ball. Within a few minutes of play a break-away with Brendan Travanut and Silva; a shot off Travanut’s boot and a rebound collection by the Bluebacks to find Silva’s boot to make it 2-1.

With just moments left in the first half the Bluebacks looked a bit shaken once more as Alberni won a close battle in the box to tie the game the two a piece.As the second half began, the Bluebacks had a look of focus and intention to win. Each goaltender was tested by an array of great plays and shots. Finally, with what was a nail-biting moment of bouncing, a touch off the hip deflected behind the Port Alberni goalkeeper making it 3-2 for the Bluebacks.

As the half continued, the Bluebacks pushed the play toward the Port Alberni end and both teams continued to battle for that last goal that never came.