A simple life

It’s been a crazy spring so far and apparently I have taken on far more than I should have this year.

Which I do most years.

With little or no spare time and more stress than I can really handle, I find once my kids are in bed each night and I have finished work for the day, rather than do something productive, I have been having a beer or two and going to bed.

It sounds like a nice way to relax, but in reality it is not doing me much good at all. The earlier nights don’t seem to improve my sleep, the beer is not helping my fitness, or my figure, and I am not riding as much as normal for this time of year.

So one night last week, rather than the regular routine, I pulled my bike out and decided to do 10 laps on the pump track in my back yard.

After 30 or 40 laps I stopped, switched directions, and rode another 30 or 40 laps.

I took a break, had a beer (some habits die hard), and then ripped off another pile of laps … I lost count, but an hour went by pretty quickly.

Every night since, I have spent my spare time blasting around the little track in my back yard. I’m starting to wonder how something so simple can relax me so much.

Maybe the repetitive task of pumping lap after lap on a tiny dirt oval, without even one pedal stroke, is what I need to numb my brain and sweat out a bit of stress, or maybe I’m just a simpleton. Who’s to say, but I’m having a ton of fun, and sleeping better.

I definitely do not have a simple life, but if I can find a moment here and there to balance it out, it’s keeps me sane … ish.

I’m James Durand and I’m Going’ Ridin’