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LETTER: What that social activist really said

2011 halibut arrangement was not meant to be permanent

It’s completely optional, but some recreational interests, such as lodge operators, may find that the new licence will provide the predictability of access they need to run their businesses profitably

Sober second look welcome

The right to appeal a penalty should be made available

Nothing like a good stroll to make a vacation better

You shouldn’t underestimate the value of walking to tourism

Toxic waste dump not on anyone's list of best things for the community

Does anyone really need a report to determine in this day and age of gross over-consumption, spiraling food and fuel prices, civic unrest and the relentless poisoning of our biosphere, that contemplating building a toxic processing plant on our doorstep is a bad idea?

Who can I tap for some money?

It was with some amusement that I read the explanation provided by Stephen Watson of BC Hydro
B.C. VIEWS: Time to enrich poverty debate

B.C. VIEWS: Time to enrich poverty debate

OUR VIEW: Walk makes a statement

Walk Away From Racism serves notice that tolerance is important to us

Childhood obesity determined to be a priority

Childhood obesity rates have almost tripled in the last 25 years

OUT ON A LIMB: Gaining insight into the mind of an artist

I attended the Community Centre’s 10th anniversary celebration last Friday and was treated to one of the most fascinating artist’s talks I’ve ever taken in